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Original Gameboy Color Roms

The Gameboy Color, also abbreviated as GBC, is a legendary handheld video game console produced by Nintendo in 1998. This member of the Game Boy family is famed for its color screen and rich palette, a 8-bit Sharp processor which was considered quite powerful back then, and clear-colored Game Pak cartridges housing lots of engaging games that fascinated the gaming community and now are considered true masterpieces of the gaming art. No wonder today countless retro gamers are looking for GBC ROMs to play on their modern devices. At first sight it may seem that getting a couple of nice Game Boy Color ROMs isn’t a big deal these days. There are plenty of abandonware websites offering the games that were released for vintage consoles. But in reality downloading original, legal, and actually playable ROMs is an undertaking requiring a lot of time and effort. Luckily, you don’t need to scour dubious sites for old-school games. You can find the best GBC ROMs on our site which is home to thousands of original classic games, which can be downloaded in the form of ROMs and subsequently put into your emulators. That is why ROM games are also called emulator games. But prior to embarking on a retro journey down memory lane, you may want to check out the best GBC games. 

Best Gameboy Color ROMs

The GBC wouldn’t be that successful if it hasn’t been for a vast playable library of games the system amassed for a five-year period. Nintendo fans were happy to know that the new GBC was backward compatible with the games created for other Gameboy consoles. Thus, they got a chance to enjoy their much loved Tetris and Super Mario Land. There also were a whole host of Gameboy Color exclusives like the best-selling Pokémon Crystal and Pokemon Gold and Silver, which were devastatingly popular with Pokémon fans. If you still haven’t decided which ROM to download, familiarize yourself with the top-rated games right now.

You can find these and plenty more Gameboy titles on our site and download ROMs for free right now. 

Platforms that Support Game Boy Color ROMs

Some gamers prefer to play classic titles on their desktop computer running Windows, Linux, or Mac. Others in their turn argue that playing on the go affords more flexibility and is more fun. So, our enthusiasts engaged in the creation of Gameboy color games ensured that every game you can find on our site can run smoothly on your device running your preferred operating system. But ROMs alone are not enough to ensure the best retro gaming experience. Take care to choose the appropriate emulator that is compatible with your OS. Below are the emulation options that are worth taking note of. 

GBC Emulators for iOS  

There are not many emulators available for the iOS platform for the time being.  One of the tried and tested options remains the Game Boy Color emulator that has been specifically designed for iOS devices. You can download this app onto your iPhone or iPad and then add your favorite ROM games to your Google Drive. Alternatively, you may opt for full-featured tools like Provenance and Delta. 

Game Boy Color Emulators for Windows 

Windows users have lots of emulation options at their disposal. Among the most popular are BGB famed for its backward and forward compatibility with Gameboy and Nintendo DS games, high emulation speed, auto save, auto delay, and debugging features. If you’re looking for a robust and stable tool with cheat support, you may want to opt for GeMP (M) and MeBoy. 

 Game Boy Color Emulators for Android 

You can also enjoy playing Game Boy Color classics on your Android too. John GBC, My OldBoy!, GBC.emu, ClassicBoy, Pizza Boy Pro and EmuBox are those worthwhile tools you may want to use to enjoy smooth emulation on the Android OS. If you have experience with setting up and configuring multi-platform emulators, you may try RetroArch, which also works fine on Android and can run the majority of GBC ROMs smoothly. 

Linux Supported GBC Emulators 

Linux users should set their sets on VisualBoy Advance, the GBC emulator that can run fast on Linux. You can install the appropriate version compatible with Debian, Ubuntu, or Arch and enjoy lots of commercial games on your PC. Other stable options include KiGB, Mednafen, and TuxBoy. 


Download the best Game Boy Color ROMs and dive headfirst into retrogaming!