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Best Neo Geo ROMs

Looking for Neo Geo ROMs to play on your modern device, while other retro gamers are scouring abandonware websites for NES, GBA, and PlayStation games? You’re not alone. There are a good many people who regard the legacy of the Neo Geo console worth preserving and perpetuating by emulating its games. 

When the Neo Geo console was released to the public in 1991, it could be described in two words – impressive and expensive. Other home consoles spanned the 90s promising to bring the arcade to consumers’ homes and while there were so impressive home ports, many of the best conversions those systems could deliver were still just close approximation. Neo Geo, on the other hand, brought truly perfect Neo Geo MVS arcade games to the home. But this level of quality came at a steep cost. On release, the NEO Geo Gold system bundle, which included two quality joysticks and a game, would set you back $600 or even more. And after that you could look forward to paying around $200 or more per a Neo Geo game cartridge. It was a premium home gaming experience at a premium price. Nevertheless, Neo Geo’s home console legacy is much more than its high-end cost. And now you can enjoy a whole host of original Neo Geo games in the form of a ROM file. Below is a short list of the most popular titles which can be obtained from our website. 

You can download the game you find most attractive free of charge from our site. All that remains is to put the downloaded ROM into the dedicated folder within your emulator and load it at your convenience. 

Neo Geo Emulator

But what emulator is considered the best for running Neo Geo ROMs? There are many options available on the Internet. Nevertheless, not all of these tools are stable and trustworthy. To get the best gaming experience possible, you should avail yourself of stable and robust software compatible with the operating system your device is running. Make sure to install and use only time-tested and reliable emulators compatible with the downloaded ROM. Otherwise, you may find yourself deeply disappointed or dealing with the consequences of the installed malware. Among the tried and tested emulation options available in the market are RetroArch, Nebula, Launchbox, MAME, Calice32, Kawaks, and others.  

Platforms that Support Neogeo ROMs  

Back in 1991, playing Neo Geo devastatingly expensive high-end titles was beyond the imaginable. For the time being, you can play Neo Geo games on a variety of modern platforms like Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android. The only condition, as it has already been noted earlier, is getting the right emulator. Now you can familiarize yourself with the list of the stable emulators compatible with Neo Geo ROM games.  

Neo Geo Emulators for Windows 

It’s a statistically proven fact that the majority of old-school gamers still prefer playing their favorite classics on Windows computers. If you’re also planning on playing your ROMs on Windows machines, opt for good old RetroArch, the emulator famed for its enviable stability, accuracy, and compatibility with multiple platforms. Other noteworthy options include MAME, Kawaks-Windows, and Nebula-Windows. 

Neo Geo Emulators for Linux

The number of Linux users is growing year by year. Many people now install emulators on Linux devices and play retro games on them. So, if you need a full-featured reliable Linux emulator, you want to set your sights on RetroArch, which, as you know, is compatible with Windows. Apart from RetroArch, you may successfully use Mednafen, MAME, and RAINE. 

Neo Geo Emulators for Android 

Neo-Geo Emulator, Neo.emu, and Mednafen are those stable options we’d recommend using on Android devices. The majority of other emulators cannot properly emulate Neo Geo titles on the latest versions of the Android OS. But if you come across some other tool and decide it’s worth giving a shot, make sure to do some research on it prior to installing and configuring it on your device.