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These home computers provided an 8k RAM that was expandable to 48k. The constructed of the Atari 800 allowed images (monochrome and colored screen ) and audio capabilities which were more sophisticated than other modern machines in the time of its launch. Gambling on the stage was a significant draw, thus producing the Atari 800 fairly popular with users for quite a very long time, before other competitions like the Commodore 64 came together.

The capsules were quite handy and simple to use, all you had to do wasplug in and you are ready to go.

The Atari 800 was surely a sort of console/PC hybrid which played host to a number of the most significant and powerful video/computer matches of all time, although the Atari 800 is no longer being fabricated, these fantastic games can nevertheless be played until date in your contemporary devices such as your PC, Tablet or Smartphone. Thus hurray, our cherished Atari 800 matches are maintained all thanks to this ROM technology that empowers Atari 800 game capsules to be converted to Atari 800 ROMs. The Ready Only Memory, more popularly called ROM(s) essentially, is a document format which houses a copy of your matches ripped in the first game cartridge or obtained out of an internet download. Now you can simply receive your Atari 800 bios downloaded from reputable game programs on the internet to allow you play games in your own apparatus or perform openly online if you do not need to download.

Greatest Atari 800 ROMs

A number of the fantastic games comprise; Mario Bros 1983, a traditional arcade action game which introduced the brothers Mario and Luigi into the world. You have to join the duo because they work against one another to knock turtles and other enemies to find the maximum points. Gateway to Apshai is just another highly entertaining treasure experience games with multi player dungeon full of traps and creatures, navigate through every level in time and you get teleported to another level that is deeper and tougher than the preceding degree. Appreciate other excellent multiplayer game, puzzle, and board games such as Pornopoly, a grownup version .



Atari 800 emulator

Although Atari 800 was stopped quite a while ago, this does not mean players can not delight in playing with their favorite games . The same as every other classic computer/video game, you will find several Atari 800 emulators that enable you to relive the adventure of playing with these games on your computer, Tablet and Smartphone. The majority of these emulators are also compatible with the Atari match collection.

After an Atari 800 game was downloaded and stored in a ROM file, then you would also have to get an emulator to allow you play with the downloaded game. An emulator is an application that may mimic play with any document format onto your apparatus.


The Altirra emulator is the most compatible with Windows system and can be designed with excellent emulation quality in your mind in regards to speed and gloss. Additional fantastic features include; a precise emulation of numerous disc drive types with choices for accelerated disk heaps, realistic disk time, and drive seems, a flexible screen with aspect ratio choices, easy resizing, and artifacting support. This emulator was created as a method emulator and debugger rather than a console, so there's some installation required before you can begin enjoying with your ROMs.


This emulator works good with Mac and supports synchronized Sound and precision, a graphic Debugger, VAPI and PRO pictures, Copy and Paste from the emulator, Configuration documents, and a new Hard Disk emulation program.


Colleen is an emulator of the Atari 8bit house computer screen and it works excellent using Android OS, it includes excellent features like; complete hardware keyboard service, multi disk management, loading and saving of match conditions, an Open SL ES native audio which enables perfect audio playback.

Be aware that before you download one of these emulators you might also assess the compatibility list on every emulator download website in order to know which games could be performed with the emulator, so that you know which emulator suites your gambling needs best, prior to going to download.

Platforms Which Help Atari 800 ROMs

Just as it's import to see that the compatibility of games and emulators, it's also extremely important to notice that which emulators are compatible with your apparatus like Windows, iOS, Linux, Internet or Android. And I will be listing the most emulators which are only acceptable for all your devices and Operating Systems.

Atari 800 emulator Windows

Most frequently these emulators are encouraged on a broad selection of Windows OS, which means you're easily able to perform you Atari 800 ROMs on your computer.

Atari 800 emulator Android

Many emulators that let you play Atari 800 ROMs in your own Android can readily be discovered on Google Play Store for downloading. So most frequently once you don't observe the emulator on the program shop then it is probably your version of Android doesn't encourage the emulator. At times you might also check on the emulator website for downloads if you do not find any about the program shop. The most suitable emulators for Android contain:

Atari 800 emulator Mac

If you would like to get the most out of the emulators listed below and permit them work properly on your Mac, then iPad or iPhone while you perform with your Atari 800 Gear ROMs, then it's best you possess the iOS X version or greater. Compatible emulators contain:

Atari 800 emulator Linux

With all these emulators listed below you're certain to find the best match play either by playing on the internet or downloading the Atari 800 ROMs to perform on you Linux apparatus.