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How to Use PS2 ISOs

Lots of beginner classic gamers wonder where to start their retro journey to make it a pleasant experience from the get go. Though the majority of retro players give preference to Nintendo, whose great titles revolutionized the gaming industry, there are also a good many people that regard Sony’s PlayStation 2 a masterpiece of the gaming art. They crave to play Resident Evil 4, Tekken 5, and Metal Gear Solid 2 twenty years after its first release in Japan. And it comes as no surprise that the device that ended the sixth generation of consoles can still compete with the products of the digital age. The games released for the PS2 were full of exciting quests, breathtaking missions, memorable characters, and captivating storylines. And though very few now can play their favorite classic on original PS2 video game consoles, lots of PS fans do that successfully on modern devices courtesy of emulation software and PS2 ROMs, special files containing the images of PS2 video games. The ROM files with the best PS2 games can be downloaded from our website that’s home to the legendary classic games that once rocket the game industry. 

You are free to search our website for your favorite games. Once you download a couple of great PS2 ROMs, also known as ISOs, you’ll need to put them into your emulator. But if you still haven’t decided what ISOs to download or what emulator to use, go on reading to make the right decision. 

Top Rated PS2 Games 

Though we’re in no position to decide which PS2 titles are the most deserving of your attention, we know which PS2 ROMs are the most popular with our users. If you haven’t played PlayStation games before or want to try something new, you can rely on our list of the recommended PS2 ROM games. 

Needless to say, you can pick any other games from the available list. There’s also a search bar for your convenience. If you’re interested in a specific title, just type in its name and check the search results. Don’t limit yourself to just one ROM. You can download as many games as you want or your emulator can support.  

Best PlayStation 2 Emulators

There are some good emulators out there that can make your gaming experience truly nonpareil.  Emulators are essential tools that enable your computers to run the downloaded emulator games in the way intended. 

If you’re looking for an emulator designed specifically for running PS2 ROMs, you may want to try PCSX2, a powerful and feature-rich emulator that ensures you get the best experience possible. Its high compatibility with the majority of commercial games released for the PS2 makes it an ideal pick for all fans of this console. Other worthwhile options are RetroArch, BlueStack, Play!, Dolphin, and ePSXe.  

Platforms that Support PS2 ROMs 

Old-school gamers are more likely to download emulators that allow running their favorite games on computers and laptops. They say that playing games on PCs feels almost like playing on a real vintage console. PC emulators are powerful enough to ensure optimal performance, mind blowing sound and graphics when playing lots of amazing games released for your favorite console. What’s more, desktop emulators allow connecting gamepads and other types of controllers to computers and thus get the original feel on Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems.

 But there is another category of gamers that are more used to playing on the go. They opt for the emulation software that enables them to run vintage titles on mobile platforms. Most of the modern emulators created for mobile platforms are not inferior to their desktop counterparts and can ensure a decent experience. Don’t forget that we offer tons of PS2 ROMs that are supported by most emulators compatible with Android and iOS.  

 Finally, there are also multi platform emulators, which afford more flexibility and let users enjoy more games using just one emulator. 

Below is the list of the emulators compatible with different platforms. Check it out to decide which tool is the best fit for your computer or mobile device. 

 PS2 Emulators for Windows and Mac: 

PS2 Emulators for Linux:


PS2 Emulators for iOS: 

 PS2 Emulators for Android 

You would be well advised to double-check that your device meets the minimum recommended requirements of the emulator you aim to install. Once you put your hands on the best emulator, grab your favorite PlayStation 2 ROMs and embark on a fascinating retro quest of a lifetime.