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Download NDS ROMs to Play Nintendo DS Games 

In the era of the rapid development of technologies, the gaming industry crusades to keep up with the ever-changing tastes of the gaming community. Still, everything new is well-forgotten old. These days, creating an original and captivating game is almost impossible. Modern gamers crave something fresh and exciting, whereas in reality they often end up disappointed with another ‘most anticipated’ game. That’s where retro games come in and save the day. More and more connoisseurs of quality gaming opt for old-school titles released for vintage consoles. Now we suggest that you pay your attention to the games released for the Nintendo DS, a legendary handheld console that hit the market in 2004. You can find a vast array of the cult Nintendo ROMs from our website to play on your modern device using emulators.  

But what was it so special about the NDS console? Why do so many retro gamers scour the abandonware sites for a new portion of Nintendo DS ROMs and are willing to fork out large sums of hard-earned money for the used NDS consoles? 

Why NDS? 

Back then, Nintendo still had a major advantage in the gaming industry with their line of handheld Game Boy systems. Still, while Nintendo held the portable game market in the palm, new developments from its rivals and tech giants could lead to history repeating itself. For the creative minds at Nintendo a new type of gaming system would have to be made. They decided to introduce the new system that would utilize two separate screens during gameplay. The two screens were the same size as those featured by its Game Boy Advance predecessor, but the bottom screen was a touch screen. The new console had the classic Nintendo D-pad, two shoulder buttons, start and select button, and four face buttons. The system housed its own stylus to use with the touch screen. The NDS also featured built-in Wi-Fi, a rarity at that time, a small microphone, and two game ports. The console in question was a breakthrough in its time. No wonder, its reverberating success still prompts countless Nintendo fans to download the ROMs and play their favorite classics on PCs and smartphones. 

Best NDS ROM Games 

As it has been noted earlier, our website is home to hundreds of DS games for all tastes. But which ROMs can be regarded as the best? It’s hard to tell for sure. Right after the official release, Nintendo surprised their fans with the new games that were optimized for the brand new console. First off was the port of Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo DS, a chance for Nintendo to show the system running 3D graphics. Next up was a new Metroid Prime game utilizing many of the system’s unique features. Other ROMs worth downloading are:

You can get any of these ROMs from our site and re-experience long since forgotten nostalgic emotions right now!

Nintendo DS Emulator Games

It’s a rare retro gamer who hasn’t heard of emulators, dedicated software that enables your computer or portable device to act as a vintage console and allow you to play your favorite ROMs. Nintendo DS Emulator games is just another name for ROM games. Since ROM files contain the images of old-school games and are intended to be run by emulators, they are often called ‘emulator games.’ But to get the most out of these games, you need to avail yourself of a stable emulator compatible with your operating system. Find the list of reliable NDS emulators below. 

Platforms that Supports NDS ROMs 

If you are a steadfast fan of PC gaming, chances are you want to check out the emulators compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. The options listed below are time-tested emulators that have a wide variety of handy features and boast a decent performance on the machine that meets their minimum recommended requirements. 




Though Linux users are outnumbered by their Mac and Windows counterparts, there are some noteworthy emulation options at their disposal, too:


It would be criminal not to mention Android emulators on our list now that there are so many people eager to play on the go on their mobile gadgets. Note that a good many emulators running on Android are also compatible with the iOS devices. 

Among the tools that have been specifically created for running DS ROMs on the Android platform are: 

Once you install the chosen emulator on your device, make sure to locate the ‘ROMs’ folder and save all the downloaded DS ROM games into it. Enjoy your retro journey!