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What is Nintendo 64 ROMs 

If you’re looking for terrific N64 ROMs download, look no further. Our dedicated retro gaming website offers a wide variety of legal and high-quality games for virtually any emulator available. You can download as many ROMs as you want completely free of charge right now. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. 

3D gaming took the world by storm in 1994 with the release of the original PlayStation video game console. And it wasn’t long before Nintendo came out with their own competitor, the Nintendo 64.  The console was released in Japan in 1996, and then in North America the following September. It was a technically appealing 64-bit machine (hence the name Nintendo 64), which enabled millions of users to play lots of new games in real 3D. Dozens of classics came out during that time, and even if you haven’t played this console, it’s hard to deny its influence it had on the gaming market over the years.  

Now anyone can re-experience long since forgotten retro ardor or come in touch with the immortal legacy of the N64. For this you need to install a reliable Nintendo 64 emulator onto your PC or portable device and download the N64 games, also called ROMs, you want to play using the emulator. We can find virtually any Nintendo 64 ROM on our website, which is home to thousands of old-school games that have survived the test of time and is still popular with modern connoisseurs of quality games. 

The Best Nintendo 64 Games

If you haven’t played N64 games in your life, you may find yourself wondering what games to download for your retro collection in the first place. There were lots of great titles that fascinated the vast gaming community back then. But it’s hard to predict or say for sure which game will be the best fit for you. But it’s not a problem of course. We offer loads of the best games for any taste. You may also want to check out the ROMs which are considered the most popular and exciting. Thus, first and foremost, you should pay your attention to Super Mario 64, the game that essentially made the console in question. You’ll find yourself taken away by the vivacious characters, new exciting missions, and a whole host of new features which turned the legendary platformer into a 3D interactive cartoon. Mario 64 has been an undisputed overwhelmingly top-rated game ever since its launch. No wonder so many beginner and seasoned retro gamers are looking for the Mario 64 ROM, which, by the way, you can download from our site. 

Still, besides Mario, there are other ROMs that deserve your attention:

Check the complete list of available N64 ROMs on our website and download as many games as you want to quench your nostalgic thirst. 

Platforms that Support N64 ROMs 

Currently, you can play N64 emulator ROMs on desktop computers running Windows, Linux, and Mac. All the ROMs you can find on our abandonware website are well-optimized and compatible with these platforms. What’s more, you can find the N64 ROM games for your portable devices running the Android operating system. 

You would be well advised to pick the right emulator to get the most out of your retro gaming. Below is the list of emulation options for different platforms. 

Best Nintendo 64 Emulators

As we’ve noted, the stable emulator is a prerequisite for your successful retro gaming. So, take care to choose the right one for your platform. 


Among the reliable Windows emulators are Project 64, Mupen64plus, Megan64, and RetroArch. All these emulators boast a wide variety of advanced features, gamepad support, and customizable options for the best gaming experience. These tools can run the majority of emulator games without considerable issues. That being said, glitches and crashes may occur from time to time. But you may reduce the probability of their occurrence if you use high-quality ROMs. 


Linux users may want to use RetroArch, Mupen64, and Megan64. 

Mac OS

If you prefer playing classic titles on your Mac OS computer, try OpenEmu and RetroArch. 


To play N64 ROMs on the go, opt for ClassicBoy, Mupen64plus, and RetroArch. 

Once you download and install the best tool onto your device, put some new emulator games into the dedicated folder and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of unrestrained retro fun!