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3DS ROMs / 3DS Games 

When it comes to gaming, there is one company, there’s one company that evokes more nostalgia than any other of its kind. That, of course, is Nintendo. It continues to publish and develop some of the most popular game franchises in the world and competes among the Big 3 to this day. But today, lots of avid gamers are still eager to play Nintendo’ old-school games, so fresh, unique, fun, and thus unforgettable. Now you have a great opportunity to enjoy your favorite 3 DS classics on your modern devices. For this, you need 3DS games in the form of safe ROM files and dedicated emulators. But before diving headfirst into retrogaming, you want to recall what made the 3DS so special and how it actually came into existence.  

A Bit of History…

Prior to presenting the new 3DS gaming console to the public, Nintendo had been experimenting on the idea of 3D for quite some time. The idea itself can date all the way back to the Famicom 3D system. Of course, the 3DS’ lesser-known prototype had stereoscopic 3D and mostly there were only a handful of games that actually came out in 3D. There also was the Virtual Boy, which couldn’t compete with the 3DS in terms of performance, successful titles, and popularity, of course.

During the 2010s, users did believe that everything would be 3D, including TV, smartphones, or any other device with a screen. In hindsight, we realize that it was just a trendy whim, but back then, it was considered the future. So, Nintendo added 3D to their DS game console and fitted the new device with two cameras on the back for 3D images. The cameras also worked well for the augmented reality games. All you needed were a pair of those fashionably 3D glasses What’s more, users could play games in 2D mode on the 3DS, which displayed the games like no portable before. The Nintendo 3DS was backwardly compatible, meaning you could play your favorite titles released for its predecessors.

Best 3DS ROMs 

Nearly 10 years after its release, Nintendo officially discontinued the production of the 3DS. The best thing you can do to honor the console’s successful run is to download the best Nintendo 3DS ROMs and play them on your computer or smartphone. Below are the most renowned titles ever released for the legendary console.  

You can download these and lots of other decrypted 3DS ROMs from our website, which is home to thousands of high quality, safe, and legit classic titles. 

Platforms that Support Nintendo 3DS ROMs

The Nintendo 3DS ROMs, just like any other ROMs you can find on our website, are perfectly compatible with any desktop and mobile platforms. You can safely run your favorite 3DS ROMs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and even iOS gadgets. That being said, you would be well advised to avail yourself of a stable and reliable emulator compatible with your preferred operating system. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the downloaded Nintendo 3DS ROMs on your devices. Finding the right emulation tool can be quite daunting and time-consuming; still, you’ll be able to cope with this task faster if you know what emulators to look for.  

Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators

Once you get your favorite 3DS ROM, you want to look for dedicated software capable of emulating the work of the original 3DS game console, hence the name – emulator!  

The users that prefer to play retro titles on their desktop will want to start with the Citra emulator. The emulator can run the majority of commercial Nintendo 3DS ROMs on Linux, Windows, and Mac PCs smoothly and accurately. It boasts a sleek and easily configurable interface, high performance, and some useful debugging features. Those gamers who use old Windows versions and low-end comps may prefer the No$GBA.

Linux users can also avail themselves of Citra and its close rival LemonLime. But you shouldn’t expect top-notch emulation on your devices. 

Both Linux and Windows users can install DeSmuMe, a time-tested cross-platform emulator that has a lot of advanced features and options, including shader and filter support, anti-aliasing, and multisampling. Mac users will be better off using Citra and Vvctre, a Citra-based emulator famed for its ability to smoothly run Luigi’s Mansion 2 ROM on desktop computers. 

If you want to play your 3DS ROMs on Android platforms, opt for Citra or its unofficial Citra-MMJ version, which is in no way inferior to other popular Android emulators. 

Get the best emulator, grab your favorite games, that is, 3DS ROMs, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere to classic gaming!