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What are GBA (Gameboy Advance) ROMs? 

You can hardly find a handheld console whose games are more popular than those released for the cult Nintendo Game Boy Advance. Now more and more players set their sights on old-school titles, which fascinate us with their authenticity, originality, fun characters, exciting missions, and well thought-out storylines. Now you have a great opportunity to play almost any GBA game in the form of a ROM file. You can find a large library of original Gameboy Advance ROMs and download as many games as you like. Rest assured all GBA ROMs housed on our site are legal and copied from the original titles.  

About the Gameboy Advance 

The Gameboy Advance is a 32-bit handheld video game console manufactured by Nintendo and released to the public in 2001. But the development process and the new device’s path towards success wasn’t that cloudless. 

The development of the Gameboy Advance took about two years. It also took Nintendo just over a year to decide which CPU the system would use. It needed to be powerful enough to process the amount of information being displayed on screen. Because of this Nintendo explored several different screen sizes while deciding on the system’s CPU. The team even considered making the Advance’s screen vertical instead of horizontal. Nintendo wanted the new handheld to be comparable to the Super Nintendo in terms of power for the easy porting of games, but with some additions. The connectivity was also Nintendo’s major focus for the new system. At the end of 1999, they claimed that by connecting a cell phone to the GBA players would be able to download and play multiplayer games, enter chat rooms, and read email all on the Advance itself. Later in 2000, it was announced that the system would have some kind of modem, but no other information was given. By that time developers had the system’s development kits in their hands, but there wasn’t a shed of any Internet support for the system. Still, there was one thing the team refused to abandon, namely, backwards compatibility. Nintendo literally checked every single Game Boy and Game Boy Color on the GBA to make sure it was fully backwards compatible. 

Now you can enjoy the GBA classics even if you don’t have an original console at hand. All you need are a couple of nice GBA ROMs and a reliable emulator to play them on your modern device. 

Best GBA ROMs 

Some classic gamers find it hard to decide which GBA games to download. There were hundreds of exciting games published for the Advance. No wonder, you may also find yourself at a loss to know which Game Boy Advance ROMs will be the best fit for you. Undoubtedly, any GBA ROM is a worthwhile addition to your retro gaming collection. Still, you may want to check out the games that are rightly regarded as the most conspicuous gems in the Gameboy Advance legacy. Below are some of them. 

Platforms that Support GBA ROMs 

Once you download GBA ROMS, you’ll need a reliable tool to run them on your computer or smartphone. Take care to get a powerful and reputable emulator compatible with your preferred operating system. As for the GBA emulator games, they can run on any modern platform including Mac, Linux, Window, iOS, and Android. 

GBA Emulators for Windows 

If you’re looking for a reliable Windows emulator to enjoy newly downloaded Gameboy Advance games, you want to start with higan, VBA-M, or No$GBA. These tools are a good fit for unsophisticated retro gamers as they don’t require much experience with emulation software and are relatively easy to install and configure. 

GBA Emulators for Windows  

 Linux users also would be well advised to try higan, VBA-M, or No$GBA. Other viable options include mGBA and BoyCottAdvance. 

GBA Emulators for Android 

Got some GBA ROMs Android? You can play them using mGBA, MyBoy!, and GBA.emu, which is considered the best emulator for Android for the time being. 

GBA Emulators for iOS

Though some GBA fans mistakenly suppose it’s impossible to smoothly emulate their favorite console on iOS devices, there are some worthwhile options at their disposal. Such tools as mGBA and GBA4iOS can provide a relatively high accuracy and emulation speed on the iOS platform.