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Mario Kart Tour - the Most Popular Free Game in the App Store

When it comes to analyzing the most popular App Store games, Mario Kart is the most downloaded one. Today, this game with a long history is in demand among players and even more popular than Fortnite. You can download and immerse yourself in the gameplay at absolutely any moment!

The Mario Kart Series has always been popular among players because of amazing and high-quality cartoon graphics, competitive gameplay and favorite characters. Today, Mario Kart Tour belongs to the list of the best mobile games for iPhones and iPods.

The most popular free games for iPhones are as follows:

Though we don’t know the exact number of downloads, it is clear that this number is more than a few hundred million. If you want to give this game a try, it is high time to do this! But first, it would be more useful if you find out more about Mario Kart Tour. By watching this video, you’ll learn more about the game and learn the basic rules.